win-win software solutions, inc.
solutions for your web and mobile
A user-centric software development studio
We are a group of senior consultants‚ designers and developers
with a passion for web and mobile technology.
team work
World Class Team
Our worldwide distributed team ensures we bring the best people to tackle the most challenging projects. Your project will be staffed with senior‚ talented practitioners who have been there, done that!
team work
software development
Cutting-edge Processes
Our network of business and technology leaders in US and Europe exposes us to the latest practices‚ tools‚ and trends - we are truly on the cutting edge of design and development.
mobile app solutions
Full Service Studio
We tailor our engagement responsibilities according to your needs, from consulting, advising and design work to development and providing support for the apps we build.
mobile app solutions
at your service
Client oriented process
We put together an iterative client-oriented design process with a very technical team‚ so your software will be easy to use, beautiful and robust at the same time.